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Every once in a while we will get a call back on puckers in carpet a few years after it has been installed. 99% of the time the puckers throughout the house in multiple rooms laying in the same way all have to be stretched back out the same direction. My question is why is that almost always the case? If you are not stretching the carpet properly, wouldn't puckers be present and needed to be stretched out in all directions and not just (N and S) so to speak. I'm just trying to figure out why that is. We always use a stretcher and still have issues sometimes. I know acclimating the carpet to room temperature is important but sometimes I think something in the carpet is at fault. Had someone the other day say we didn't use a stretcher and I know that was not the case.
Category: Carpet Post By: ANGELA PEREZ (Edinburg, TX), 01/18/2019

Well well, I've said it myself. It's the product. (Backing specifically) My experience was that width expanded, never length. The width backing has like a coated(latex and fillers) strands, the length are flat and wider. This is just me, I will not warranty from wrinkles, I power stretch, I feel the carpet and tighten it to a limit I know tackstrip will support and backing will allow me to stretch it. I don't install much carpet anymore, moved on to other problems!

- NICOLE GOMEZ (Deltona, FL), 05/04/2019

It's some what the construction of the backing.The weft cords are the culprit as they are the heavier cord. Basically all the backing is plastic that doesn't like give and take to start with and then you introduce a pad that is not the right density and to soft or thick it all adds to the mix. I attended a seminar on backing once and it was stated that action back has that little flaw lets say that it will require a restretch in time. Actually I got one in my own home right now. 10 x 12 bedroom. This room get a tremendous amount of traffic as it is also my laundry room, and it is in the traffic lane to the appliances. Been down about 6 years now. Daris

- WILLARD QUINN (Visalia, CA), 03/27/2019

I have seen more in manufactured homes here. Moisture from below is presumably the culprit.

- ISAAC SIMON (Murray, UT), 05/20/2019

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